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Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction Bookstore Uncle Edgar's Mystery Bookstore

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Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction Bookstore opened for business on March 2, 1974. Uncle Edgar's Mystery Bookstore opened for business in a nearby location on December 1, 1980. Both stores moved to our current shared location in September, 1984. We are located 1.5 miles south of downtown Minneapolis, near the intersection of Lake Street and Chicago Avenue. Our address is 2864 Chicago Ave S, Minneapolis, MN, 55407.

Customers from all over the world tell us that we have the best selection of new and used science fiction, fantasy, and mystery books anywhere on the planet.

Store hours are 10am-8pm weekdays, 10am-6pm Saturdays, Noon-5pm Sundays. There is on-street parking available (the parking meters accept quarters and dollar coins). Also, after 4:30pm Monday-Thursday, and all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, you can park in the lot of the dentist office next door.

Phone numbers: Uncle Edgar's 612-824-9984 - Uncle Hugo's 612-824-6347

LJ posts currently being handled by Elizabeth LaVelle (formerly of DreamHaven Books).

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